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The Vocational Training Center prides itself on putting people with all levels of ability to work in a fulfilling and positive way. Participants are able to receive training, learn a variety of new skills, and earn a paycheck for their hard work. 

The staff work with the individual and family to customize a plan and build accommodations that meet an individual’s interests, skills and ability.  Participants receive an evaluation, training plan and work station that it right for them. It remains the ultimate goal to help individuals find and maintain long-term, quality, competitive, community-integrated employment. Through our many business partnerships, program graduates are placed in jobs at companies such as Shop Rite, PennDot, Walmart, Prime Flight Aviation and WaWa. 

Packaging and Assembly Participants work hands-on in a variety of production settings. They perform sub-contract work in the community and in our production center. 

Janitorial Services Participants learn how to thoroughly and expertly clean offices, apartment buildings, churches and warehouses while being environmentally friendly.

Shipping and Receiving Participants learn how to load and unload pallets and operate a floor jack. Training is provided at partner facilities such as the Tasty Baking Company.

Partnering companies benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Dedicated, hard-working work force 
  • Proven track record, able to meet deadlines 
  • Customized training for your specific job
  • Convenient location, able to pick up and deliver your work to you
  • Flexible, can work at our facility or at your location
  • Handle all sizes of contracts big and small
  • Skilled labor force ready to meet your needs
  • Insured, licensed organization 
  • Putting people with disabilities to work

To learn more about Job Training and Vocational Services, please contact Marvin Oates at 215.229.4550 or

Neurodiversity in the Workplace Partner Organizations