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SpArc Services is part of the SpArc Philadelphia family of organizations that provides services to individuals with disabilities and helps them to achieve independence through choice, self-determination, inclusion and community connections.  Our mission of independence, inclusion and choice for individuals with disabilities is accomplished through provision of services including job training and placement, employment support, cultural arts instruction and opportunities, individual community supports and personal enrichment. SpArc Services, formerly PDDC, was formed in 1990.

Services are provided to adults with a wide range of disabilities including intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health issues, learning disabilities, visual issues, auditory issues and autism. 

SpArc Services has been working on transforming the culture of our organization to one that embraces change, understands the importance of community inclusion, and places community-based employment among the top goals for individuals in our programs.

The mission of SpArc Services is to support people with disabilities by providing programs and services that encourage inclusion, independence, and personal achievement.