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The Direct Support Professional, Training Center is responsible for supporting the mission of SpArc Services by coordinating, training, and monitoring the production work of training center consumers, duplicating a workplace environment, preparing consumers for offsite employment and safely transporting consumers to work locations. 

Position Responsibilities

  • Monitors and oversees work performance and timely completion of contracts to increase productive independent work and prepare consumers for outside employment. Ensures consumers are productively engaged throughout the work day in work or activities supporting socialization, independence and the development of skills necessary for successful employment.
  • Provides transportation for consumers to work sites.  Ensures safe and timely arrival and return to the agency.
  • Assigns work and teaches job duties to consumers. Adapts templates to maximize productivity.
  • Observes consumers performing tasks to ensure understanding of work and safe production.
  • Teaches, reinforces and models appropriate workplace behavior; teaches work rules/expectations including appropriate social workplace behaviors. Model appropriate social behavior at all times including maintaining  good attendance record including punctuality, following work procedures,  maintaining appropriate workplace behaviors, dressing appropriately and filling out timesheets accurately and timely.
  • Coaches, explains and demonstrates to individuals the required work to resolve any difficulties. Reassigns consumers to simpler tasks when consumer cannot perform assigned work, or to work containing higher degrees of complexity as level of competence is reached.
  • Supports implementation of Individual Written Program Plans (IWPP’s) and Behavior Management Plan for each individual served.  Provides feedback on consumer progress including recommendations. Participates in program planning and development working closely with Program Specialists and other team members to ensure a well integrated approach.
  • Encourages consumer participation in development activities such as Cultural Center activities, Job Club, or Literacy Class.
  • Knows and follows Department of Public Welfare (DPW) regulations and agency policy in all areas including confidentiality, attendance, unusual incidents/incidents, documentation, abuse, restrictive procedures, and all matters pertaining to medication administration and documentation and medical issues.  Promptly ask supervisor to clarify any areas of concern.
  • Provide training and supervision in Activities of Daily Living, dressing, eating, personal hygiene, cleaning, etc, and promote participation and independence in all these areas.  Provide personal care to consumers as needed.
  • Serve as a mentor and coach to individuals. Provide guidance and direction while being a positive role model to the individual. Encourages high level engagement, appropriate socialization.
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of the individual at all times. Safely transport individuals adhering to all safety policies and laws; provide assistance as necessary.   
  • CRR certified and First Aid trained.
  • Ensure all interactions reflect understanding of people with disabilities, maximize consumer choice and treat all participants with personal dignity.
  • Anticipate possible problems or challenges and work to prevent unnecessary conflict. Problem-solve issues regarding consumer situations, with or without assistance.
  • Provides crisis intervention as necessary to support consumers.  Uses the least restrictive emergency procedure when necessary to protect the individual from injuring self or others.  Follows intervention policies and regulations.  State unusual incident standards are understood and followed.
  • Immediately brings to the attention of supervisor and program specialist any concerns about consumer.
  • Ensures all documents and consumer records are accurate and submitted timely as per agency policy and procedures and regulations. Accurately completes time cards according to regulatory and program standards. Conducts time studies according to protocol.
  • Positively and professionally represent SpArc Philadelphia at all times.
  • Develop trusting professional relationships with families and support staff while maintaining professional boundaries between families, other support staff and individuals served. 
  • Participate in skill development and professional growth opportunities.


  1. High school diploma or GED.  Three years minimum experience or training certification in working with people with disabilities in a health care or social service setting.
  2. Clear criminal and child abuse history, medical and drug screen.
  3. Valid driver’s license, good driving record and ability to drive a van.
  4. Effective verbal and written communication skills including communicating with people from diverse backgrounds and varied abilities.
  5. Understand the needs of consumers and adjust behavior accordingly.  Ability to demonstrate compassion, empathy, and positive attitude while supporting independence. Ability to model and train appropriate workplace behavior, including skill development.
  6. Ability to provide crisis intervention including de-escalation of behavior.
  7. Initiative to utilize materials and information to plan and implement productive activities during non production time.
  8. Demonstrates the organization’s core competencies and solid customer service skills.
  9. Effective word processing skills using Microsoft applications. 
  10. Ability to translate regulations into practice.  Knows the importance of effective record keeping.
  11. Ability to form effective partnerships with all stakeholders including family and caregivers and funders.
  12. Effectively problem solve with the ability to proactively address issues preventing escalation.
  13. Obtain DPW medication administration certification.

Physical Environment/Working Conditions

Work training center environment. Must be able to manage production and use machinery safely and effectively.  Required to lift and/or physically support consumers independently or with other staff.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions. 

How to apply:

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter and resumé to, using "DSP Training Center" as the subject line.


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