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AmeriCorpsAbility Host Site FAQs

How can my organization host an AmeriCorps member?

In April of each year AmeriCorpsAbility opens the host site application process and an online application is posted to our website. Organizations are invited to submit an application to host one or more members for the next AmeriCorps program year. AmeriCorpsAbility program staff will review submissions on a rolling basis, select, and notify those organizations that will become a host site.

What are the benefits?  What kinds of things can AmeriCorps members do?

Your organization will be a part of a nationwide network of AmeriCorps programs which engage Americans in community service. AmeriCorps Members make a commitment to provide a year of service in various communities across the United States. Each AmeriCorps program is different, and our program – AmeriCorpsAbility – has as its main objective the inclusion of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the  Philadelphia metropolitan area. AmeriCorpsAbility members specifically contribute to healthy futures and economic opportunities by helping to improve capacity for independent living and job readiness of people with disabilities.

Examples of AmeriCorps member service activities  include mentoring in the community, supporting employment goals,  identifying resources, encouraging social and natural supports, and assisting with your volunteer efforts.  All AmeriCorps member service will be in alliance with the mission of your organization to serve individuals with disabilities in the community.

How much does hosting an AmeriCorps member cost?

Our AmeriCorps grant requires a 50% local match to the federal dollars. The 2019-2020, cost match for an organization to have a full-time member serving 1700 hours term is $12,198 plus in-kind support.   This match payment supports the administrative management of the AmeriCorps program.

What is in-kind?

In-kind, in addition to the dollar cost match,  is simply putting a dollar value to goods or services you supply to help support a member. Examples would be: office space, computer usage, supervision. We ask you to submit an “in-kind” report to AmeriCorpsAbility periodically throughout the program year. In-kind helps to offset the cost of having a member as it is also can be used as match for the AmeriCorps grant.

What activities are AmeriCorps members prohibited from doing?

AmeriCorps members may not influence legislation, be involved (for or against) union organizing, protests, strikes, contracts, partisan political activities, religious instruction, abortion services, or voter registration drives. AmeriCorps members cannot serve with for profit organizations, labor unions or, political organizations.  Additional detailed information is available here.

Of course, individuals may exercise their rights as private citizens and may participate in the activities listed above on their initiative, on non-AmeriCorps time, and using non- CNCS funds. Individuals should not wear the AmeriCorps logo while doing so.  


Nonduplication and Nondisplacement Clause

As a Host Site,  you may not displace an employee or position, or volunteer with an AmeriCorps member.  The AmeriCorps member activities cannot infringe on the promotional opportunity of an employed individual, serve in place of a presently employed worker, recently resigned or  discharged worker, a worker subject to a reduction in force or who has recall rights, an employee on leave, or an employee on strike or who is being locked out Additional detailed information is available here (page 12)  .   


How many AmeriCorps members can serve at my organization?

Host site applicants may ask for up to three positions, however, AmeriCorpsAbility may not be able to grant your full request. Any requests that are not honored are placed on a waiting list and if an opening occurs, the request may be filled.

Will you find an AmeriCorps member for me?

AmeriCorpsAbility does help facilitate the recruitment and placement of a person at your organization. However, each organization is expected to advertise, search out, and eventually interview prospective candidates. Final organization matches will be facilitated by AmeriCorpAbility program.   Individuals interested in serving may complete an online application and a list of those interested individuals will be made available to all organizations awarded a position.

AmeriCorpsAbility will lead recruiting efforts by advertising all open positions on our website, publishing general classified newspaper ads, purchasing ads, posting on social media and by using other outreach tools. While we do our best to help with recruitment, the most successful member – host matches occur from active  recruiting by the host site organization.

What happens if I can’t find a qualified person for the position?

If you have done a thorough search and have not found a suitable candidate, AmeriCorpsAbility  will do our best to help you find a match through our database of applicants. If all attempts fail, AmeriCorpsAbility will place you on the waiting list and your agency will be contacted if an opening occurs later in the program year; this often buys a little time to help you find a match. Your agency may also opt to relinquish the position and perhaps apply again in the future. If the position was never filled, a full refund would be made on any payment of cost match.

If an AmeriCorps member exits service early, do I get a refund?

Your organization had supported the AmeriCorps program by paying your cost match.  If the AmeriCorps member leaves prior to completion of the term, every effort will be made to place another equally qualified AmeriCorps member at  your Host Site. For a full time member, if less than 500 member hours (approximately 3 months) have been completed, the ACAbility Program, in conjunction with the Host Site, will recruit and place a new member for the Host Site.  

If more than 500 member hours (approximately 3 months) have been completed, and if a reduced time position is available, the ACAbility Program, in conjunction with the Host Site, will recruit and place a new member for the Host Site. If a reduced time position is not available, a refund minus related operating and administrative fees will be issued for the remaining months beginning with the first full month that the member did not serve any hours.  Partial months will not be reimbursed.

Our AmeriCorps members are great!  Can we hire them? Can they serve again?    

After AmeriCorps members complete their terms of service, you can certainly hire them.  AmeriCorps alumni make great employees. You may already have AmeriCorps alumni on board!  While they are serving, AmeriCorps members cannot be employed by the host site organization.where they provide service.   If the AmeriCorps member chooses to serve an additional term of service, consideration will be given to returning to your site.  

Great.  Our organization wants to host AmeriCorps members!  What are the next steps?

Here is the 2019 - 2020 Partner Host Site Application